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Thursday, January 06, 2005

On the Road

Why have I been ignoring my blog you ask?
Well if you must know I've been On The Road!
These last few months have been an EPIC travel period for me. Since Sept 20th I have travelled to the East Coast FOUR times. I have set foot in seven states, not to mention the airports in three additional states I briefly visited. Here is a little summary.....

Sept 17th SFO - Boston, drive to Woods Hole on Cape Cod
Sept 22nd Boston - SFO

Oct 15th SFO - Syracuse, NY (via Chicago)
Oct 17th Syracuse - SFO

Nov 7th SFO - Miami, FL
Nov 9th Miami, FL - SFO

Nov 24th drive from SF to LA
Nov 27th LA to SF

Dec 3rd SFO - Raleigh, NC (via Philly)
Dec 4th Raleigh - DC - Alexandria, VA
Dec 5th Alexandria - DC
Dec 9th DC - SFO

Dec 23rd Oakland - LA
Dec 26th LA - Whitefish. MT (via Salt Lake City)
Dec 31st Whitefish, MT - LA
Jan 1st LA - Oakland and home again!

Whew! It makes me tired just thinking about it!


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